About the Daily Draft

What happens when two great friends and entrepreneurs meet up for a beer and start swapping ideas for “the perfect sports bar?”

The Daily Draft happens!

most sports bars were dated and uninspiring…

Despite their rivalrous pasts as Georgia Tech and UGA graduates, Sean and Greg agreed that most sports bars were dated and uninspiring.

The Daily Draft was built to break the traditions of the sports bar and bring back the excitement of game day.

With an open floor plan, on-demand sports and beer, chef-inspired menu and
modern technology,

The Daily Draft reflects the spirit and style of the Woodstock community and delivers a sports bar experience like no other.

As owners and operations of commercial contracting companies, Sean and Greg share an entrepreneurial drive and a passion for innovation and bringing ideas to life. Sean is also an owner of Rootstock, a wine and whisky bar that provides a unique and intimate dining experience.

Sean and Greg are excited to deliver another stand-out food and beverage experience in Downtown Woodstock

– a sports bar that is anything but traditional!

Welcome to…