What’s For Lunch in Downtown Woodstock?

by | Jun 28, 2020 | Blog

If you’re like any of us at The Daily Draft, then you start thinking about what you’re having for lunch right about the same time you’re brushing your teeth in the morning. Lucky for you, we’re now open for lunch in Downtown Woodstock

Your lunch break may not be long enough to catch a game from start to finish but there is more than enough time to get your competitive spirit up with a quick game of pool. Why not bring your coworkers along with you to make it a team building experience?

Walk-Up Window

When it’s been a long week, sometimes you just need some fresh air and sunlight to break up the daily grind. Our walk-up window makes it possible to get that and a bite to eat before you have to get back to it. 

Our “Walk Off” menu includes our chicken caesar wrap, Italian wrap and yummy snacks like bacon pimento cheese and crackers, fruit, popcorn, caramel popcorn or a chocolate chip cookie. And we won’t even get into the beer list, we think the list of what we don’t have might be shorter. But you won’t won’t want to leave without getting a beer to-go! 

Downtown Woodstock is an open container district so we can pour your favorite beer in one of our approved open containers and you can take it with you as you spend the remainder of your lunch hour exploring downtown. 

Dine-In Lunch Menu

Guess what? The Daily Draft dine-in lunch menu is the same as the dinner menu so your options are endless! But what makes this new lunch option unique? The Daily Draft’s self serve taps give you the option to grab your beer of choice on your own timeline. While you’re looking over the menu, there’s no wait for the server to bring you your beer; just help yourself! 

If you want to pass the time while your food is being prepared, grab a game of pool or catch a game! If you don’t see your game on one of the TVs, just ask! We have a LOT of TV’s for a reason. 

And if it’s the outdoor element you’re looking for when you leave the office for lunch but you’d also like to dine-in, we have a patio ready and waiting for you to unwind during your lunch break! 

At The Daily Draft, all options lead to a great time. The only downside to that is, you might start enjoying your new local sports bar more than your man-cave at home. 

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