Top 5 Games Best Watched at Sports Bars

by | May 23, 2020 | Blog, Sports

Sports have brought people together for hundreds of years but during the COVID-19 outbreak, a time when we must ‘social distance’, hearing about any sports “coming back” is reason enough to celebrate! Although the future is unclear as to when we’ll have tailgate parties back or be able to cheer for our team from our seat in the stands again, Georgia has begun to reopen which means The Daily Draft couldn’t be opening at a better time. The sports fans of Downtown Woodstock need a sports bar now more than ever!! 

5. The Super Bowl 

Starting at bottom of our list for top 5 favorite games to watch at a sports bar, #5 is The Super Bowl. The only reason The Super Bowl got the last place rating is strictly due to the commercials that, depending on who’s playing, can sometimes be more entertaining than the game itself. Being at a sports bar for the game is awesome and there’s no clean up afterwards but forget hearing any of the commercials, you’ll want to catch those on YouTube afterwards.

4. The World Series

Who doesn’t love watching an American classic sport in an American classic setting? Baseball games can also have unpredictable endings so if you go into overtime, you have more than enough time to thoroughly enjoy your dinner, dessert and beer!  

3. The Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Stanley Cup playoffs make the top 5 list solely due to hockey fans’ true passion for the game!! If you’ve ever been to a sports bar when your local team is playing for the Stanley Cup, you know there’s no passion like a hockey fan’s passion. It doesn’t even matter if your team is playing, sometimes just watching the fan’s fight for Stanley is more entertaining than the game itself! 

2. The World Cup 

The global camaraderie felt when watching The World Cup is what makes this our #2 but (tied with #1) pick. We also love that the Men’s FIFA World Cup is just as competitive, thrilling and captivating as the Women’s FIFIA World Cup games; it’s like getting a double dose of incredible competition between talent across the world. 

1. March Madness

We still haven’t recovered from the disappointment of March Madness 2020 being canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. So not only does this get the #1 spot for how much we miss it, but also because it is hands down the BEST sports tournament to watch at a sports bar because, if you’re like us and you have your bracket filled out, the multiple screens playing the other games is exactly what you need!! Without all the TVs, you’ll have your eyes glued to your phone and totally miss out on what makes sports so great – the camaraderie. 

As sports make their way back but you still can’t be in the stands to see it in person, make The Daily Draft your official sports bar! Get exclusive updates on special events, new beers on tap, and new menu items before anyone else by signing up for our newsletter

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