Benching the Tailgate Party for The Sports Bar

by | Apr 25, 2020 | Blog, Sports

As some people attempt to bring extra cheer to quarantine-life by hanging Christmas lights in May, it has our minds thinking of sports that coincide with the Holiday season…football, and with football comes the tailgate parties!

Now, we understand that we still have a few months before we can confidently judge what that time will look like for the world. However, we think it’s safe to expect that large tailgate parties and sitting shoulder to shoulder in the football stadium isn’t likely for the Fall 2020 season. 

Before we start to think all is lost, one thing that will be there to give us that tailgate-party-vibe right here in Downtown Woodstock is The Daily Draft! 

You may be wondering how a sports bar could ever replace the atmosphere of a tailgate party but rest assured, this is not your old man’s sport bar. 


It might not be a row of trucks with their tailgates open but we can assure you that the beer, food and view of the game will be better than any tailgate you’ve ever been to! 

We get it, being in a bar can remove the ability to walk around to another tailgate with a beer in your hand. Well at The Daily Draft, just walk up to our WALK-UP WINDOW, check the score, place your order and get a beer to-go while you continue hanging out around Downtown Woodstock.


Having Trouble finding the score online or catching the last few minutes before half-time? Swing by for a bite or a beer from one of our self-serve taps. If you don’t see your game, ask and you shall receive! We take our “sports on demand” promise seriously.


We all love a big family tailgate when Uncle Carl brings that classic chip dip you’ve never had anywhere else or Becky’s sister makes her famous sliders. But unless they’re the chef at The Daily Draft, you won’t think about Uncle Carl’s chip dip ever again after you’ve tried our bacon pimento cheese. 

Change is hard. We feel it too. But we are prepared to fill any “sports void” you may encounter during this “new normal” the COVID-19 global pandemic has thrust upon us. 

Consider your new tailgate party handled! See you soon at 8594 MAIN STREET WOODSTOCK, GEORGIA.

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